SUMMER 2023 

Below you will find the NSCD Summer Programs policies and procedures for maintaining a healthy and safe summer camp community. Take time to review and understand expectations of our campers, staff and families four our upcoming summer camp experiences.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Hygiene Procedures

We will teach and reinforce healthy hygiene practices including properly washing hands throughout the day. There will be multiple handwashing stations throughout the campus – indoors and outdoors for campers and staff to utilize.

Custodial staff will clean and disinfect rooms, table surfaces, doors handles, etc. after each activity or location used by the group. Camp staff will clean and disinfect activity equipment after each use by a group.

Our custodial staff and camp staff will be following all CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting as well as using products approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19.


A maximum of 16 campers per group (our goal is to honor friendship requests but there is no guarantee.)

Two counselors assigned per group.

The Day Camp is mostly an outdoor based camp but in case of inclement weather groups will have separate spaces to use.

Groups will adhere to a schedule that promotes group activities.

Unwell Campers and Staff Procedures

Anyone in the camp community who are COVID-19 positive or have recently had close contact with a COVID-19 positive person MUST stay home until they have met the CDC and IDPH Criteria to discontinue home isolation.

The Summer Programs nurse will lead the notification process for staff and families. The nurse will work with Cook County Department of Public Health on contact tracing procedures and notification.

Pool/Swim Lesson Program

Two to three groups per block will be assigned to the pool.

Each group will be assigned to a designated changing space.

Activities and Programs

Instructional Activities will host one group at a time.

Activities spaces and equipment will be disinfected after each group visit.

Fridays will include a special activity or entertainment program.


No home pick-up/drop-off bus service will be offered in

Extended Day Care

Extended Day Care hours for mornings are 7:30-9am
Extended Day Care hours for afternoons are 3:30-5pm.

Campers will be assigned to different rooms/play locations based on their age with a limit of 12 campers per room.

Parents will be greeted by a staff member at the carpool who will radio for your camper to be escorted to the car.

Lunch and Snack Procedures

Campers will bring a snack, lunch, and water bottle to camp each day. Snack and lunch will be kept separate from other groups’ food storage areas.

Groups will be assigned different locations on campus to eat snack and lunch.

Camper Arrival and Departure Procedures

In order to limit the number of people at camp, we are not allowing parents to stay on campus.
We ask that parents/guardians not exit their vehicles when picking up and dropping off their children.

Campers arriving late to camp may be dropped off until 9:20am. Those arriving after 9:20am will need to remain in their vehicles, call the camp office (847-441-3350). A staff member will greet and escort your child(ren) to their group.

In the event a camper needs to be picked up early from camp, call the camp office (847-441-3350) and let us know what time you will be arriving. Your child will be escorted to your vehicle.

Parents, visitors and other non-essential camp staff will not be permitted on campus (unless authorized by the camp director).

We recognize that there may be some separation issues with our younger campers. In this instance, we have a system in place that allows parents to escort their children to a designated area on campus where their child’s camp counselor will meet them to help with this transition.